Tomorrow Leaders Foundation

Every individual who is a leader today was once a youth. It is therefore true to say that average youth today will become a leader tomorrow. The average youth should accept that he/she is, “child yesterday, youth of today, leader of tomorrow.” If this is true and we believe it is, every young person we see today is a potential leader of tomorrow. Leadership like Dr. John Maxwell sums up “is simply influence.” The sphere of a person’s influence will define what kind of a leader the individual is.

A youth of today will become the Head Driver of The Nigerian Presidency tomorrow. Another will be the Chief Cook in the same Aso Rock, and yet another, the Chief of Staff. Another will be the Chief Physician to the President, another, his Personal Assistant, another, a minister in his government. Some will function in the private sector, others in the traditional institutions and yet others in the military, in the academia, in the clergy. It is just a matter of time. It shall come to pass. We can keep going.

The kind of leaders that these young lads will become will be influenced to a large extent by the quality of leadership education they are receiving today, their ‘hearts’ and the legacies the subsisting generation bequeaths to them.

In partial fulfillment of the biblical injunction to,

“train up a child in the way he(she) should go:
and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”     

Tomorrow Leaders Foundation is incorporated to creatively and proactively train and equip young people who ultimately will become the leaders of tomorrow.


Today’s Babies Become Children Tomorrow

Today’s Pupils Become Adolescents tomorrow

Today’s Adolescents Become Youths Tomorrow

Today’s Youths Become Adults Tomorrow

Today’s  Adults Become Leaders Tomorrow

We Exist To Help Young People Fulfil Their

Leadership Potential Beginning With Literacy


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