Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the foundation includes amongst others to:

  1. Seek out underprivileged youths, counsel them and cause them to embrace formal education.
  2. Mentor youths in line with their gifts talents and abilities, to attain their full potentials in life.
  3. Motivate youths and equip them to overcome the challenges peculiar to them thereby preparing them for leadership.
  4. Promote interest and excellence in academic pursuits.
  5. Promote a reading culture amongst youths through literacy training, reading retreats, competitions, book fairs, publication of periodicals and academic papers.
  6. Impact a heart of service (the hallmark of leadership) on these potential leaders of tomorrow.
  7. Administer Educational Foundations on behalf of individuals, families, corporate organizations or governments for the purpose of advancing the missions of such foundations.
  8. Solicit for financial sponsorship of our programs and activities from public spirited individuals, families, foundations, Non- Governmental Organizations, corporate organizations or governments.
  9. Liaise with individuals, families, foundations, corporate organizations, NGOs, governments, and so on, for the purpose to accomplishing our vision, mission and objectives.
  10. Offer educational scholarship to underprivileged youths to maximize their potential through formal education in schools and skill acquisition.

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