What We Do
  • Organize literacy programs for young people who are educational disadvantaged.
  • Expose young people to the possibilities that abound and cause them to dream ‘to become ………….’ tomorrow through our motivational/mentoring programs.
  • Provide career guidance and counseling for young people.
  • Organize seminars, workshops and conferences as a forum for equipping these youths.
  • Seek out role models within our nation and encourage them to volunteer their testimonies to inspire and challenge young people to overcome their peculiar challenges.
  • Organize quiz competitions, literary debates, and other academic competitions.
  • Solicit for funds to sponsor educational scholarships and execute our mission.
  • Manage educational foundations on behalf of individuals, families, organizations, governments and others in furtherance of our vision.
  • Do everything necessary and incidental to fulfilling our vision, aims and objectives.

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