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Often times, pupils struggle to read and write effectively because of the very challenging approach of teaching them at foundation, the names of the letters of the English alphabets (A, B, C, D, etc). This challenge is borne out of the fact that in reading, the letters take up different sounds by way of pronunciation. This challenge makes it difficult for many undiscerning pupils to master effective reading early. 

The Jolly Phonics teaching program was created to solve this problem. The program has as its fundamental principle, the teaching and learning of the sounds of the letters of the English alphabet as a first step to reading and writing. When pupils master the forty two major sounds in English Language, they are able to sound letters in words which ultimately makes them fluent in reading and writing.
Jolly Phonics Limited, Essex, United Kingdom, the copyright owners of Jolly Phonics is desirous to partner with public primary schools in the states of Nigeria. Jolly Phonics Limited is willing to offer this program free, to train the teachers who will teach the program free, provide free workbooks for all new intakes into the primary schools in the state for one academic year, provide free teacher resource book to all the teachers who will teach the new intakes, and will graciously permit you subsequently, to print copies for distribution to public primary pupils if they are satisfied with the implementation of the program in your state.

Jolly Phonics Limited will actualize this through the help of her Nigerian partners, Tomorrow Leaders Foundation and Stepping Stones Nigeria.

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